Watching and waiting for the competition

It's no secret that I am a fan of Apple. I own a lot of Apple products. I also own a lot of non-Apple products. I have owned iPhones before, but for the past few years, I have used Android phones. There is a lot of variety when it comes to Android phones. There are many companies making phones of all sizes, capabilities, and prices. The main reason I switched to Android a while back was because I wanted a bigger screen, and I wanted to know what it was really like to live with an Android phone.

When Apple announced the iPhone 6 back in 2014, I was very interested. Honestly, I was nearly drooling on my keyboard as I watched the keynote announcement. I was also very interested when Apple announced the Apple Watch at the same keynote. As interested as I was however, I did not buy either of these. My Android phone was working just fine, and I could not use an Apple Watch with my Android phone. Also, I was curious to see how the Android world responded to the Apple Watch. Where Apple s…

Apple and Google, Playing Nice

I recently bought Google Wi-Fi for my house. I wanted better, faster, and greater coverage, as well as an easier interface to manage my network. I had heard great things about Google Wi-Fi, and with the price for three units down to $264, I decided to finally give it a try. 
With several people in the house at any given moment, I knew there would be some disruption while I installed a new system and decommissioned the old one. I was surprised to completely switch over in just a couple hours, with all three mesh nodes online.
The last thing I needed to get configured was my Apple Time Machine backups. I wasn't worried about this part since the network was up and getting good speeds. However, as I often say, "Inside every small problem is a big problem trying to get out." Let's go back in time just a bit. Prior to setting up Google Wi-Fi, I was using an Apple Time Capsule for my wireless network and as my backup device for Time Machine. I didn't turn it off, so no…

Discovery Though the Eyes of a Child

I recently read an article by Phil Plait, titled "This Is Discovery" where he highlights the importance of science - specifically the importance of scientific discovery. For those who already understand the importance of science for science's sake, the videos are at the very least a pleasant reminder of the shared value that many of us have for the pursuit of knowledge. For those who may not be as concerned with the endeavors of the scientific community, it serves as a thorough and humbling treatise on the value that society at large, and in particular those who hold political influence, should have for science.The article itself was only a few paragraphs, but the main points were made by way of two videos: one by Phil Plait himself, and the other by Dr. Sheila Patek. Both videos are well done, and - very importantly - are done as if making an attempt to shake hands with people who don't quite make the connection between discovery and practical application. I won'…

Google Photos to the Rescue

I had a very pleasant experience with my phone recently. It was one of those situations where I needed to get an answer quickly, but did not expect to find it. Not only did I find what I was looking for, but the ease of which I found it caused me to give a silent high-five to the developers who made it possible.

My wife texted me and wanted to know the name and location of the apple orchard we went to last year. As she was trying to coordinate plans with relatives, time and accuracy was important. Now, my memory is like the Heisenberg uncertainty principle - I can tell you where I went to lunch last week, and I can tell you what I ate, but I couldn't tell you both. I really needed help to solve this apple orchard conundrum.
I remembered that I had the Google Photos app on my phone, and it seemed to have some search capability, so that was my first stop. I opened the app, hit the prominent search button, scrolled down to places, and hey - there's a picture of my kids by a corn …

Nerd Army Unite!

In response to Queen Kayla's decree for nerds everywhere to rise up and try to get TBS to continue King of the Nerds for season 3, I have created a sample 4x6 postcard that anyone can print and mail to TBS. Feel free to edit the images however you want. Note: postage is still required of course. I have included a variety of formats. This is my small contribution to try and get King of the Nerds back for another great season.

At the top, you can see what I had in mind, as it includes a person. Not saying it's me, not saying it's not. Note: spray painting graffiti in broad daylight is not recommended. I know that now.

A Tale of Two Apples

I often find myself as the go-to person for questions about Apple products and news. When the beta of iOS 7 was released, I immediately downloaded it and installed it on my iPhone 4S to see what new things the Apple design team had created. I knew that I would see a significant change, so that aspect of the OS did not surprise me. I also knew that since it was a beta, I should not expect it to be perfect. There would certainly be things to be fixed. When I finally got my hands on it, (or rather when it got it's hands on my iPhone) there were some things that I really liked, and some things I was not too sure about. Aside from the obvious fact that colors, and appearance were different than before, it left me wondering where Apple was going with this - not just for the iPhone, but for other Apple products as well.

Some time after I bought my first iPhone, I also bought my first Mac. I was very happy to see elements of iOS brought into OSX over time. The two operating systems share …

Questions about nothing

I have been a big fan of Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson for quite some time. In case you don't know who he is, shame on you for not knowing. Ok, just kidding. He is an astrophysicist and a brilliant speaker. He's so good, that if he were reading the ingredients of a cereal box, you would be awestruck. Really - he's that good. I saw an advertisement on for a series of DVD's starring Dr. Tyson. I then saw a podcast which he created called StarTalk. I have been listening to these one after another. These are not just about space and science, but he interviews the famous, and not so famous. The conversations he has with his guests are absolutely fascinating. You get to know the person, not the celebrity. I won't try to describe this phenomenon. Just listen to these podcasts and you'll know what I mean.

It is no surprise then, to know that I have been spending a considerable amount of my time thinking about physics, from the very large to the very small. I have …