A Tale of Two Apples

I often find myself as the go-to person for questions about Apple products and news. When the beta of iOS 7 was released, I immediately downloaded it and installed it on my iPhone 4S to see what new things the Apple design team had created. I knew that I would see a significant change, so that aspect of the OS did not surprise me. I also knew that since it was a beta, I should not expect it to be perfect. There would certainly be things to be fixed. When I finally got my hands on it, (or rather when it got it's hands on my iPhone) there were some things that I really liked, and some things I was not too sure about. Aside from the obvious fact that colors, and appearance were different than before, it left me wondering where Apple was going with this - not just for the iPhone, but for other Apple products as well.

Some time after I bought my first iPhone, I also bought my first Mac. I was very happy to see elements of iOS brought into OSX over time. The two operating systems share the same foundation, that being OSX, and each was designed for it's respective hardware, but there were some really great things that Apple did to make the experience fluid and familiar between the two. Now, with the introduction of iOS 7, I am left wondering how this will affect OSX. Will OSX adopt the same pastel palette of iOS 7? Will the icons in OSX be updated to look like those in iOS 7? So far it doesn't look like that will happen any time soon. Also, what will become of the applications themselves?

There has been a debate taking place for some time regarding skeuomorphic design vs flat design. If I had to pick a side, I would have to say that I just don't care for the flat approach. One thing I really like about Apple in general, it its sense of fun, and dare I say whimsy. I looked at the icons and apps for the new iOS 7, and it's flat, alright. No whimsy, no sense of fun, and the stock applications look plain, and difficult to differentiate one app from another, not just from the icon, but using the apps as well.

I'm not concerned by the fact that Apple has introduced a significant change. What does concern me is that Apple seems to have dropped their playful approach to interface design for one that is minimalist and lacking contrast. I am also worried that the synergy Apple has achieved between iOS and OSX may become a thing of the past.


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