iGroup - May 16, 2012

Another great iGroup meeting! This time it was all about iCloud. There is still much to cover but we only have an hour.

There were a lot of good questions about using iCloud, but there were also some questions about WiFi vs 3G. One question had to do with cost. So here is the short answer. If you can use WiFi, use it. If you are at home and have a WiFi connection, all data usage on your I-device is free. You can turn on an option in your settings to alert you when a new WiFi network is detected, but this can get annoying. Once you establish a WiFi connection, your device will remember it. Now, if you have home broadband but no WiFi, you can get a wireless router, connect it to your broadband modem, and with a little security setup, you are ready to go. You can ask the salesperson where you buy the router about the configuration.


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