iGroup Meeting 1 - April 25, 2012

We had a great turnout, and a great discussion, for our first official meeting.

One of the first apps mentioned was "Heytell" - a voice-recording app that sends a voice recording to another Heytell user. The app is free, and we confirmed that Heytell on an iPhone will in fact send voice recordings to an Android phone running Heytell.

That little microphone icon - what's up with that? It turns out that some iPhone users in the room had this icon, and some did not. I did some research and found that this icon (which is essentially speech to text) is only available for iPhone on the iPhone 4S.

iPod, iOS, and photo backup. Someone had a question about how to get photos backed-up or transferred from an iPod without connecting to a computer. I think the idea here is, assume there is no desktop computer available, and you have photos on your iPod. How can you get photos to some other location. I suggested that, depending on how old the iPod is, you might be able to use iCloud (which we'll get to later). I found out that it may be possible to use iCloud for this, if the iPod in question is a 3rd or 4th generation iPod touch. If so, then you can use something called Photostream, which you can think of as an online (cloud) storage of your photos which you take on your iPod touch. However, while there are some great web-based tools you get for free, there is no way (that I know of) to see your Photostream photos online. I think the idea is that you take pictures on a device, send them to "the cloud", and then later retrieve them on your computer, where you can edit them, or send them to a printer. With all that said, you can always connect your iPod touch via USB cable, to just about any computer (Mac or PC) and without installing any software, be able to get your photos.

A new Mac owner asked me about some way to not have to enter a password when the Mac wakes up from sleep mode. I looked into this, and here it is. Open "System Preferences", then in the "Personal" section, click on "Security & Privacy", and then clear the "Require password" checkbox.

That is all I could remember for follow-ups. Based on overwhelming feedback from our first meeting, out next meeting will focus on iCloud.


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